Patek Philippe 175 anniversary: official celebrations will be held in Geneva

As an independent watchmaker, Patek Philippe Replica Watches enjoyed complete freedom in design innovation, production until the completion process, thereby creating works of global clock experts agree the top meter. Patek Philippe classic elegance, exquisite precious watch works combine advanced technology with traditional watchmaking skills passed on from generation to generation, is worthy of a rare masterpiece. By virtue of their extraordinary watchmaking experience, more than 80 patents for its technology Patek Philippe owned innovation of traditional writing a thick and heavy in colours.

An important moment in the very meaning of the 175 anniversary, Patek Philippe to create a special edition timepiece of the one and only for the company’s memorial tribute, 150 anniversary, Patek Philippe launched Calibre 89 pocket watch to mark the anniversary. On the occasion of the 175 anniversary of the establishment of Patek Philippe brilliance, review past, also will create history.

From November 15, 2013 to April 11, 2015 in Geneva, Switzerland Patek Philippe Museum, exhibition from between 1989 and 2014 is extremely meaningful Memorial watches. As a souvenir sheet theme exhibition to celebrate the 175 anniversary of Patek Philippe, complicated timepiece exquisite beyond compare will be one one exhibition, showing the brand has a long glorious history and the creative process.

Catch a glimpse of the perfect Patek Philippe creative on display in the museum located in the Plainpalais District of Geneva Patek Philippe senior timepiece works. The museum not only display clock across the course of development 500 years all kinds of exclusive global timepiece collection, also exhibited in the past 175 years, Patek Philippe watchmaking workshop building chronometers boutique. In addition, this timepiece has 8000 aspects of books and Literature Museum, the stock is in the leading position in the global similar museum.

In October 13, 2014, Patek Philippe held a grand celebration of the official in Geneva, the legend of the Patek Philippe 175 years, splendor and glory coexist. On this occasion, Patek Philippe will create a commemorative edition timepiece unique as a gift. More grand celebrations, definitely worth to look forward to, let us wait and see.

OMEGA super coaxial Chronograph blue titanium Watch

This is the Basel Watch Fair this year I most like one of the chronograph. Although this is certainly very difficult to defeat OMEGA amazing ‘dark side of the moon’ (see the OMEGA Replica Speedmaster evaluation coaxial black ceramic watch “dark side of the moon” evaluation), if you want something a little more, but also has the charm of the moon surface, then have a beautiful blue dial the OMEGA Speedmaster chronograph moonwatch coaxial it is difficult to refuse.

Don’t get me wrong, I love moon black steel sheet with you as much as the standard, this is a classic OMEGA watch, deserve protection and continuation. As a watch, super moon watch represents the real attraction and mature products in the market, sports watch, whether you see any past traditional pattern or still fresh coaxial version 9300, titanium blue disc like that look at today’s timing Speedmaster like.

OMEGA super coaxial Chronograph blue titanium Watch

Super moon watch coaxial blue titanium watches (serial number: 311., titanium bracelet) is an absolute stunner. Titanium metal case and bracelet warm tone, with tachymeter bezel and dial the rich beautiful blue, perfectly matched. Blue textured dial attractive, smooth glassy metal appearance is delicate, quality and of dark side of moon black dial is quite similar to the lovely. Safeguard way or direct &transtype=tran

OMEGA super coaxial Chronograph blue titanium Watch

Titanium surface diameter of 44.25 mm wide, with anti flag reflective sapphire crystal and transparent sheet back OMEGA. Sapphire back provides OMEGA core 9300 coaxial chronograph movement panorama with column wheel, no balance balance wheel hairspring balance of silicon. Provide power for sixty hours of storage by double barrel, movement of rhodium plated, polished on the Geneva fringe. The 9300 movement of different watch timing from the common in 3 eyes, he only has eyes. The timing has two hands sub dial, they are time hour and minute hands, another small dial is second hand.

OMEGA super coaxial Chronograph blue titanium Watch

As I think of the iconic Speedmaster moon watch set like we gauge and traditional should be protected and continuation, I also believe that more and better versions of. OMEGA is constantly extended super series, they generally are extended from the initial design, and provides different exercise levels (Subaru car) or special design (such as super Alaska project). Why I like this titanium blue pattern is that it exists with blue dial lighter wrist and unique provides all star moon form aesthetics. Provide enough of a change to the new buyer.

OMEGA Aqua Terra GMT Watch

Today we OMEGA Aqua Terra GMT watch (model, this is the Aqua Terra gold watches paragraph; let us start from gold material about. Gold accounted for 75% of the weight, you can see the mark on the ear of related tables:

OMEGA Aqua Terra GMT Watch

Watchcase integration of brushed and polished finish, workmanship is very good. High quality completion degree feeling with my universal ocean surface almost. Only the center polishing is a kind of compromise – polished mirror though dazzling, but it Bilasi surface easy to scratch.

watch ear is OMEGA harp shape, very cute. In all can see the hippocampus on the table, I remember is the introduction of OMEGA in twentieth Century 60, is the one and only.

OMEGA Aqua Terra GMT Watch

6.9 mm crown embedded with polished brand identity.

OMEGA Aqua Terra GMT Watch

Dial has a great visual sense of hierarchy, OMEGA referred to them as “teak lines” – the purpose is reminiscent of the yacht deck.

OMEGA Aqua Terra GMT Watch

Hour markers is 18 karat gold material, wedge inlaid with luminous material.

OMEGA Aqua Terra GMT Watch

Both hands is the decorative surface – center of matte and polished edges. Combined with the dial and pointer, feeling quite luxurious. Center four gold hands tall prominent in the outer ring dial, three-dimensional time scale is also emerge in the dial in general, like floating on the water surface appearance.

OMEGA Aqua Terra GMT Watch

Screw down crown half buried in the shoulder, help to achieve 150 meters waterproof grade.

OMEGA Aqua Terra GMT Watch

Luminous is high-grade, this is suitable for dress watch, because the use of luminous area than diving or sports watch smaller area.

OMEGA Aqua Terra GMT Watch

Noctilucent a bit difficult to read, the minute hand and GMT hands luminous coarse look very similar.

OMEGA  Aqua Terra GMT Watch

This is OMEGA produced 8615 movement, coaxial 8500 basic movement was added in the appropriate GMT module. I feel very cool intercontinental travel. The crown out of style, clockwise will forward or backward over an hour, while the GMT pin is still in the old place, while continuing to run second hand. In other words, change the time zone just as simple digital quartz watch. Indeed very useful.

OMEGA Aqua Terra GMT Watch

Movement visually spectacular, balance cock and rotors is 18 karat gold, double barrel, all splint and the pendulum has spiral corrugated decoration in Geneva.

OMEGA Aqua Terra GMT Watch

I like to stare at to see a non-stop silicon hairspring. This is the most advanced the art of watchmaking. Through the course of the observatory specification, dynamic storage double clockwork spring box full 60 hours. Hand chain feeling set of advertisement word is’ silky! ‘ VPH, 25200 unique vibration frequency (usually the vibration frequency, 28800 coaxial escapement system reason for lower). A quirk in the movement is that the date is not quick setting, you must forward cycle through 24 hour to jump date. Is a small disadvantage. Of course, the calendar is fast jump jump in the middle of the night.

Coaxial escapement system was invented by George Daniels, dedicated to the elongated maintenance cycle and improve the timing accuracy. OMEGA since 1999 have been using it, they gave a coaxial watch movement provided an unusual four years period of full coverage of the warranty, OMEGA on the coaxial confidence proved here.

Arched sapphire crystal table mirror has the same advanced anti reflective coating.

OMEGA Aqua Terra GMT Watch

The gold watch worn on the wrist, 250 grams weight is very obvious. Heavy with gold feeling.

OMEGA Aqua Terra GMT Watch

This feeling is impressive, 42.7 mm table size, case is 14.2 millimeters thick. 20 mm table ears, butterfly tapering the gold chain with 18mm folding clasp.

OMEGA Aqua Terra GMT Watch

Hinge fastener itself is very interesting – side button, the other side is the friction surface, consists of two 1 mm sized Teflon is embedded into the clamping ring is held in place.

Deep sea monster – the OMEGA Ploprof in hippocampus of 1200M evaluation

OMEGA Ploprof original section of the advertisement says, “it may on the surface looks not beautiful, but inside is very beautiful.” The formal statement although advertising pun, or some strange, but also reflects the general situation of super dive watches in the early 70’s. OMEGA Replica and Rolex Replica is a leading innovator in the field of professional diving watch. In its heyday, Ploprof (“Plongeur Professional” divers “special” the French abbreviation) is a very advanced tools based on years of development.

OMEGA achieved this design: not only can withstand pressure withstand depths, repeat again and again stay under water for a long time can also be. It has a special function, such as integration case, easy to grip safety dive bezel and crown bridge, you can say it is the best diving instrument that time. Of course, the price is very expensive, as a professional instrument actually more or less at the top of the OMEGA Replica Watches product line, or even in the professional use of the market is also very expensive.

The watch section wasn’t elegant appearance design, such as the large orange minute, and the strange asymmetry case. Today, it looks a bit like a wrist Star Wars spaceships. However, it still has its charm. Original paragraph Ploprof are being sought, in the eyes of collectors is full of charm. In 2009, Replica OMEGA released the Ploprof series of the hippocampus updated version, let diving watches fans can enjoy the modern version of the famous diving watches.

Why do we find Ploprof very attractive? I think this is similar to our think tanks and other well-designed Cartire watches are attractive is the same. Ploprof was born in a laboratory, engineers and technical personnel gave birth to it. Not some tall, rich and handsome sitting in the Coffee hall drinking Cappuccino, discusses how to design a luxury or diamond, it is anti luxury high-grade watch. This is a real tool marks the team spirit and problem solving results. It represents innovation regardless of cost, as well as in the deep sea exploration is a necessary tool for the design of. The idea and concept is a very emotional.

Modern OMEGA hippocampus series Ploprof 1200 meters, holders of these principles, at least until it mimicked the old section. Although the professional divers do not necessarily need mechanical diving watch, but if you want to diving, this watch is a competent. The new Ploprof watch do a modernization, in a sense, the new Ploprof is OMEGA always wants to make the final Ploprof.

The original version of the Ploprof is 54 mm *45 mm, the new size is 55 mm *48 mm. Watchcase thick, help to strengthen the bezel and dial. Case has a large number of steel case, the watch is certainly not a lightweight. The reticular metal bracelet let weight more, some people will feel that wearing this watch is a kind of exercise. Although it looks strange, but it is comfortable to wear. The new bottom is fine “hippocampus” carved on the cover, can prevent the sliding on the wrist watch. High and flat surface also makes the case of relative stability. In my wrist wear medium, hippocampal Ploprof 1200 is very

Watchcase detail is impressive. You can see the polished surface of the edge, and an integrated component. Large watchcase shape on the wrist looks out of place. Case strong waterproof performance, and has 1200 meters, which is two times the prototype watch paragraph 600 meters waterproof ability. Both the prototype or the new Ploprof can exceed the depth limit. The case also includes an automatic platoon helium release valve, to ensure that you are not saturated helium diving your sapphire watch mirror out of it.

The two most significant features in case is the design of rotating bezel and crown bridge system. Rotating bezel is high and oblique, very delicate. Embedded Sapphire – prototype is acrylic material. These so-called “Sapphire watch circle” is worthy of attention, but is now more common are ceramic bezel, OMEGA in other areas such as the use of ceramic bezel or liquid metal bezel series watch section of hippocampus. Ceramic bezel than sapphire cheaper, each are durable, but the aesthetic is different. Sapphire covering watch circle is very beautiful, their visual and dial combined (table mirror is sapphire.). Minute markers standard has a luminous coating, a luminous coating more dial. Viewing from the darkness, this is a very bright watch.

The OMEGA Speedmaster’57 coaxial chronograph replica watches

When you hear the word “super”, what do you think? Perhaps OMEGA super moon replica watches design will appear in your mind, even your personal collection might have a omega replica watch. The traditional classic lunar watches must be very interesting, how OMEGA Replica from the previous lunar replica watches inspiration to design the new Speedmaster? This is a study of us to today’s problems.

The OMEGA Speedmaster’57 coaxial chronograph replica watch is the newest member of the OMEGA Replica Speedmaster series. As you may have guessed from the name, the OMEGA Speedmaster’57 coaxial chronograph watch is based on the 1957 OMEGA Speedmaster watch on the modern design of A. This makes this gold watch looks both familiar and strange. The first and most important (at least visually) change is fine processing the surface of the shell is different.

Our evaluation is the gold watch, but this section of the replica watches also has red gold, platinum, diamond, or steel materials and styles. I want to point out is, folding clasp the OMEGA Speedmaster 57 coaxial chronograph watch than any other I’ve ever seen in a slightly different form paragraph. On the surface, it looks like a simple button release buckles, but in fact is to have the correct order to buckle. Try the operation one or two times, feel like a very safety fastening mechanism.

In addition to the case and strap decoration, veliger also added some new color. We can see the familiar black and white, added with steely blue. Here there is no classic black dial belittle Speedmaster meaning, because it is familiar to most people, I sincerely love the new white dial paragraph. White Dial Watch still movement full flavor, but added a delicate touch.

There are some changes on the dial. OMEGA super 57 series replica watch section is no longer three sub dial with chronograph function familiar, but with only two sub dials. Small second hand in the nine o’clock position, Chronograph hours and minutes at three o’clock. Only two small dial, dial design is slightly larger, and is a very balanced dial layout. If you look carefully, these small dial looks more smooth, more beautiful, and the color is also coordination.

As for the pointer is more slender (but very readable, and night), and similar hand also appears in the sub dial. Chronograph hour and minute hands are luminous (relatively rare), dial Chronograph clockwise seems to is an homage to the original 57 years OMEGA Speedmaster “broad arrow” clockwise. In order to improve the dial, date display position of appearance in 6, with color matched date wheel.

The dial above the arch of sapphire crystal, the outer ring is very familiar with our super style speedometer ring (though not before that black). This makes the watch keeping super descent, and with a new design proposed a more delicate appearance. The OMEGA Speedmaster’57 coaxial chronograph watch over, you will see a large sapphire crystal watch bottom, this is I have seen the biggest sapphire crystal watch bottom.

Micro convex transparent bottom cover does increase the overall height of the watch, but it allows you to enjoy the beautiful produced 9300 movement. Equipped with 9300 chronograph movement column wheel, also adopts the silicon hairspring balance wheel and a coaxial escapement. Again do not go into details, because there are too many related article. The mention of its size, the OMEGA Speedmaster’57 coaxial chronograph watch series also brought us the OMEGA Speedmaster series of new dimensions.

The OMEGA Speedmaster’57 coaxial chronograph watch diameter of 41.5 mm, is a very suitable size (i.e., not too big, not too small), which means that this super than 44 mM watch section for more people to wear. This is the smallest of the 9300 core OMEGA watches the size, I guess it can’t reduce much. Pricing and shell size just right, this watch for $8000 steel, titanium alloy sheet for $9000 and gold or gold watch up to $30000. Availability should be in eight, September listed.

Panerai Radiomir series PAM00598 3 power storage dual time zone red gold watch

The Radiomir series special edition Panerai Replica introduced dual time zone red gold wrist watch, loyal to the linear design of 1936 refining contracted through careful observation, we can feel it sophisticated manufacturing process. This is a special limited edition, the history, design and fabrication of perfectly together, show the elegant temperament, by senior tabulation enthusiasts and love.

From the aesthetic point of view, new limited edition Radiomir Days GMT 3 Oro Rosso 47 mm 3 dynamic storage places time red gold wrist watch with blue dial, crocodile leather strap, a harmonious combination of 5Npt red gold watchcase and foil material warm luster. The content of copper in high proportion of 5Npt red gold makes more depth of color, a certain proportion of the platinum watchcase can prevent oxidation, more durable.

Consistent continuation of simple design style case and dial Panerai, excellent read performance, precious wealth which is the brand of historical tradition and be handed down from age to age. Using the classical pincushion watchcase design, concepts from Panerai in 1936 for the Italy royal naval commandos made the first watch, diameter are also the same with the old style, 47 mm; dial plate is a sandwich structure, the surface by Satin polished (satin Soleil), the nine o’clock position with small seconds disc, the three o’clock position set date in addition to the display window, not too much decoration, chastity.

Watch with P.3001/10 manual winding movement entirely by is located in Nor Shah Tell (Neuch “TEL) Panerai watch factory independent research and development production, transparent crystal glass table bottom cover fully show movement beauty. This movement has two time display function, suitable for frequent shuttle time zones people accurately grasp the dual time, power stored up to 3 days, power reserve display arranged on the back. In this all-new Radiomir watch, movement of the splint and the two clockwork spring box were confirmed by detailed hollow, edge chamfering and polishing treatment after the manual. Through the hollow process can appreciate the fine details such as the movement of polishing, main plate pearl grain grinding, gear device and gilt engraved pattern; the wearer can enjoy fine precision operation of watch movements, in the chain and watch the runtime, a glimpse of a spring box hairspring clockwise and anticlockwise rotation of beauty.

New limited edition Radiomir Days GMT 3 Oro Rosso 47 mm 3 dynamic storage places time red gold wrist watch (PAM00598) Limited production of 200 pieces, waterproof to a depth of 50 metres.

OMEGA Replica Seamaster perfect coaxial escapement watch started to experience

As PGA’s sponsor, OMEGA Replica is facing the upcoming golf tournament, is very exciting and positive. Whether you participate in this sport, golf is a serious exercise is for many people, you can’t deny it to bring people’s strength. Over the years, the biggest watch brand in the world, such as Rolex, OMEGA and tag heuer has and golf marriage.

Why talk about diving watches types of OMEGA Replica new hippocampal Aqua Terra series, the mention of golf? OMEGA Seamaster Aqua Terra has become the de facto elegant sports watch, they also chose their own golf ambassador, McElroy. The latest TV ads for OMEGA, display is golf Rory scene. Worn on the wrist is the new “Golf” version of OMEGA Aqua Terra to the hippocampus coaxial watches (the second hand and the hand of the green metal), the hippocampus Aqua Terra perfect coaxial table section watchband Barenia brown leather strap is also very beautiful.

What is the perfect coaxial (Master Co-Axial)? If you ask, obviously you didn’t keep up with the trend, this is the OMEGA brand name for the new new self-produced high antimagnetic coaxial escapement up. 2014 OMEGA began to special non-magnetic components adding self-produced movement, which means without any special shielding, coaxial movement can also resist reaches as high as 15000 Gauss magnetic field.

In fact, the OMEGA in the last year for the first time in the hippocampal Aqua Terra antimagnetic watch this technology application. In 2014, the correct name of the technique is given for the “perfect coaxial (Master Co-Axial)”, which means the movement including OMEGA coaxial escapement system, and “perfect” diamagnetic parts etc.. Model does not change, and in the Aqua Terra series, the 8500 and 8520 movement, now is the perfect coaxial (Master Co-Axial).

OMEGA plans to 2017 to watch the self-produced movement all, into perfect coaxial (Master Co-Axial) technology, the application of this technology is the first watch OMEGA hippocampus 300. So, now you know what to coaxial (Master Co-Axial) of it, just as you now see these hippocampal Aqua Terra series have perfect coaxial (Master Co-Axial) technology.

These perfect coaxial (Master Co-Axial) 8500 core OMEGA hippocampus Aqua Terra is available in two sizes, 41.5 mm or 38.5 mm. As you can see, there is a combination of various materials such as watch case, stainless steel, 18K rose gold and steel. I don’t know whether all the OMEGA hippocampus Aqua Terra version is a perfect coaxial (Master Co-Axial), but my hunch is that, from the beginning of 2014 this summer, more and more OMEGA Aqua in hippocampus of Terra model will have a perfect coaxial high antimagnetic (Master Co-Axial) technology.

Now we are familiar with the performance of outstanding 8500 series automatic movement, with 60 hours of energy storage, frequency is

4 hz. Core containing silicon escapement, display time and calendar. Each 8500 core OMEGA hippocampus Aqua Terra Series in the chronometer certified by COSC.

For OMEGA, one of the most important in the series table section 2014 is Aqua Terra “Golf version”, namely the chart section. There is a green second hand and peripheral green minute scale, this watch is OMEGA’s default PGA Tour Golf official watch. In fact, there is another version of OMEGA Aqua Terra in the hippocampus of golf version, there is no display, it is for the 2014 Ryder Cup preparations, a silver dial, blue, red and gold decoration.

Rolex Replica introduced a new ROLEX DEEPSEA Watches

To tie in with the expedition, Rolex Replica introduced a new Rolex¬† Replica Deepsea watch. The top diving watch can bear high pressure, and is equipped with the “D-blue” represents the deep water surface.

The dark blue gradient to paint black surface is reminiscent of the ocean twilight zone, where the last of the sun from the sea into the, dies in the endless abyss, and James Cameron’s deep sea submarine exploring trip echoes the challenge. In addition, to commemorate the cooperation, on the surface of the “DEEPSEA” word more to James Cameron’s green submarine under water coloring.

Rolex Replica introduced a new ROLEX DEEPSEA Watch

To tie in with the documentary in America at the premiere, the new Rolex Replica Deepsea watch for August 4th on Monday launched in New York. Held in American Museum of natural history in marine biological Museum of the premiere, Cameron and other diving expedition or movie celebrities were present at the. “DEEPSEA CHALLENGE 3D” Cameron recorded in Rolex and “National Geographic” support, hunter to Mariana Trench history.

Rolex introduced a new ROLEX DEEPSEA Watch

Submerged deep sea to do, to explore the last frontier

In March 26, 2012, movie producer and explorer James Cameron driver DEEPSEA CHALLENGER submarine, the world record for the 10908 metres record single deep dive under the Pacific ocean. He stayed in the seabed mining and collecting samples for three hours, and shoot the first high-resolution images in the final frontier. Scientists estimate that 95% of the ocean has yet to explore the hidden clues, the life of the earth. The collected samples in the expedition, found at least 68 new varieties. This documentary included deep-sea challenge first to the last thirteenth of the Pacific submarine tour highlights.

Rolex introduced a new ROLEX DEEPSEA Watch

The inspiring deep-sea Challenge Tour, as a new era of deep-sea scientific exploration of prelude. In January 23, 1960, the first manned deep-sea submarine Trieste arrived at Mariana Trench to do, since no one return to the abyss. However, every time a new field of human to the expedition, Rolex is always accompanied with.

Rolex deep sea Hunter

Rolex watches and Trieste deep-sea submarine detection and Challenge Tour was forged indissoluble bound. In this two historic submerged in the boat body, in the Department of experimental Rolex watch, in the sea 11 km below the earth, bear the most tremendous water pressure, but the two is perfect operation, the waterproof performance is visible Rolex watch incomparable. Rolex by innovation and invention to conquer the deepwater areas as pioneer, oyster watch launched in 1926, is the world’s first waterproof timepiece, and more launched Oyster Perpetual Submariner (1953), Sea-Dweller (1967) and Rolex Deepsea (2008) professional diving watches.

Rolex introduced a new ROLEX DEEPSEA Watch

The top diving watch

The new generation of diving watch Rolex Deepsea, waterproof 3900 meters deep. The 44 mM oyster case to the patented Ringlock system tightened, not only beyond the professional diver most stringent requirements, more laid a solid, practical, accurate and reliable new benchmark. James Cameron’s exploration of Mariana Trench while wearing Rolex Deepsea watch. As the Rolex Deepsea Challenge experimental watch design blueprint, waterproof 12000 meters deep, in Cameron’s Adventures in the Department of mechanical arm of the submarine, to be tested in the real situation.

Rolex introduced a new ROLEX DEEPSEA Watch

The ultimate challenge

The new Rolex Deepsea watch the gradient “D-blue” color dial, not only to celebrate Rolex and James Cameron’s Historic Exploration and cooperative relations, but also a symbol of exploration, innovation, investment in Rolex to beyond the limits of human. In the Department of submarine machinery arm Rolex Deepsea Challenge watch, even in the Challenger deep as still accurate operation.

About Rolex

Rolex is the leading brand of the Swiss watch industry, headquartered in Geneva, has earned a global reputation for its superb technology and expertise. Each one oyster watch shall by virtue of its precise performance Observatory chronometer certification, become outstanding, performance and honourable symbol. As a pioneer of watches, Rolex watches have started to develop in early 1905, and introduced several major innovations such as the tabulation, appeared in 1926 the first waterproof watch oyster watches, and automatic chain perpetual 1931 launch of the pendulum thallium. To date, Rolex has registered 400 patents. Rolex is one of the real production watchmaker, since the plant design, development and production of Rolex watch all the necessary parts, from casting gold alloy, to the movement, watchcase, watchband surface and machining, polishing, assembly and modification, independently completed a full set of processes. Rolex also through every kind of sponsorship activities and charity program, actively support the arts, sports and adventure fields, carry forward the spirit of creation, to promote the cause of environmental protection.